Interview with Giants Second Baseman Brock Bond

Giants Nation

December 5th, 2012

Brock Bond is a second baseman in the San Francisco Giants organization who, in 2012, hit .332 in AAA Fresno. Needless to say, those are extremely impressive numbers, and at age 27, he’s definitely due for some time in the majors. We got the chance to ask Bond some questions on Wednesday, and he’s a good guy. Follow him on Twitter: @brockbond1

GN: So you’ve played well in AAA the past 3 years, including a monster 2012 season, how excited are you that you may reach the show next year?

Bond: Yes. That is my goal. I have worked very hard and I hope that I will get a chance.

GN: I’m sure Giants fans will be happy to see you in San Francisco when that day comes.

GN: What have you enjoyed the most during your time as a Giant?

Bond: It’s been fun being around all of the great players they have, and becoming good buddies with a bunch of them, as well as getting instruction from some great coaches like Joe Amalfitano.

GN: The last Giant to have Bond in his name hit 762 career home runs, how do you expect your MLB career to turn out?

Bond: I think it will turn out good. I play hard every game. I’m a little different than Bonds, because he hits home runs and my job is to get on base. I have been consistent in my minor league career and I hope that it will carry over to the show if I get a chance

GN: Favorite teammate from any season of yours?

Bond: Thats a tough question, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite but its been fun playing this past season with my old college roomate Ryan Lollis.

GN: Ryan Lollis eh? A couple of .300 hitters are sure to be buddies, I guess it’s fair to say.

GN: What was your favorite MLB team growing up?

Bond: I grew up in St. Louis as a Cardinals fan, I used to love going down to Busch Stadium with my dad as a youngster.

GN: Who was your favorite player growing up, and what was your best memory of his?

Bond: I don’t really have a favorite player, but I was born on the day Pete Rose broke the hits record and I have always admired the way he played the game. I obviously have not watched him much but from watching highlights of him running over catchers and diving into 3rd, it really motivates me to play the game hard.

GN: What do you prefer as a fan, a pitcher’s duel or an all out slugfest?

Bond: A slugfest of course.

GN: Your walk up music in 2012 was Matisyahu’s One Day, what led you to make this choice? Did it at all inspire your .332 batting average?

Bond: Yeah I think it did. I remember talking to our clubby about finding a walk up song with some substance, and I remember my older brother Brandon who is in the Air Force,playing this song a while back, and thought it was great.

Now it’s time for 2 hand picked questions from MLB Nation followers

Alex from Fresno, CA: What was it like to play in front of Grizzlies fans?

Bond: It was great. They were super nice and supportive through the ups and downs.

Charlie from CA: How much of an inspiration was Ryan Vogelsongs rags to riches story in ’11 to you?

Bond: Well he has quite a story, and a story like that reminds you that there is hope. Getting to the big leagues is hard, and on those days when your down guys stories like his helps you keep going and reminds you to never give up.

GN: Thank you for your time Brock, best of luck in 2013.

Bond: Thanks a lot, I appreciate it

What are your thoughts on our interview with the Giants middle infielder? How will he fare in 2013? Comment below.

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